The city of Cleveland hasn’t been this excited about the Indians, in what seems like a very long time. It’s great to see people excited about baseball season, especially the tribe’s season. The 2008 season was probably the last year the city of Cleveland was actually excited about the tribe to start. A die hard baseball fan or Indians fan will be excited every season, but not the city as a whole. This is the best time of the year to be an Indians fan.

Everyone is 0-0, everyone has an equal chance to win the national championship, and no one knows what the season ahead might bring. This season is different, different from the last, the season before that, even the season before that, this one seems special. This year we have to show our baseball team we are behind them. With the attendance problems last year, the Indians deserved a crowd. Cleveland fans are the best fans in the world, and we need to show the world that we are. I’m tired of dreaming about a championship in Cleveland, since it’s been 50 years since we last had one. This year could really be the year that we stop dreaming and start living. The boys of summer got a taste of what postseason baseball is like, and they are hungry for more.

There is a possibility of the Indians can win the world series this year. You can call me crazy, but who thought the Red Sox would win last year? I bet you some of the Red Sox’s players didn’t even think it was possible. In baseball a lot can happen in 162 games, and it can be anyone atop the central division at the end of those 162 games. All I am saying is, don’t be surprised if you see a banner at Progressive field next season with a 2014 World Series champions banner next to the 1948 banner.

-Jeff Dieringer

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