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Yes, the Browns did the unbelievable. I surprisingly say they executed a smart game plan, need I say perfect. I guarantee Cleveland stumped everyone day one of the draft. We passed on top prospects multiple times, causing affliction among fans.

When the fourth pick came around, our top guys were still available. Houston took Jadeveon Clowney, as expected. St. Louis took Greg Robinson, typical. Shockingly, Jacksonville selected Blake Bortles at three. Needless to say, it was clear Sammy Watkins was the next pick.

As expected, Watkins name was called, but not by Cleveland. Browns passed on the wide receiver to move back to the ninth spot, with a trade with Buffalo. The teams swapped first rounders, in addition to Cleveland gaining an extra 2015 first and fourth round picks. As much as Watkins was highly coveted, the trade was well worth it. The trading didn’t cease there, when we traded up one spot to eight.

With cornerback Justin Gilbert on Minnesota’s radar, the Browns pulled the trigger. We exchanged first round selections and dished out a fifth round pick (145 overall) to snag arguably the top defensive back in the draft. This is great news, considering our biggest question mark is opposite Joe Haden.

Gilbert can come in and play in the slot immediately or line up on the outside. The Oklahoma State product is aggressive, creating chances to turn the ball over. The kid is a ball hawk picking off seven passes last year. Gilbert also possesses length and speed to add to our defense. Justin Gilbert is an upgrade over Buster Skrine, who could transition into nickelback to cover the slot.

I had a feeling that Cleveland wasn’t done making moves, and I was right. The Browns traded up from 26th to the 22nd pick owned by Philadelphia. Once again, we swapped picks while giving up a third rounder (83 overall) this year and snagged Johnny Manziel. A man I have obsessed over since he announced his draft eligibility.

Manziel will bring Cleveland back into football relevance while erasing the irreverence. I love his passion, his cockiness, his fight; all qualities that we have been missing from a quarterback. Manziel is a playmaker, flat out. The kid can escape tackles, creating a fair amount of broken plays. Johnny Manziel isn’t perfect and could use some grooming, but I couldn’t be more excited to watch him rocking the brown and orange.

If you would tell me that Cleveland would end up with arguably the best cornerback and quarterback entering the draft and an additional first round pick next year, I would have called you crazy. Regardless of sanity, the Cleveland Browns did it; they pulled the right strings and shocked the city, the draft, and the nation.

-Max Gold

Image Credited to: www.cleveland.com

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