November 30, 2021

Jarvis Landry: Helped Changed the Culture

Jarvis Landry was the real first big move that John Dorsey made as a GM. Jarvis had a good track record already from his play in Miami. Little did John Dorsey know what Jarvis would also do to help change the culture of a team that was notorious for losing. The Browns would be the center of the HBO hit “Hard Knocks” and it was Jarvis Landry who would have the most significant moment on the show. It started in the wide receiving film meeting, where a frustrated Landry stood up and grilled his WR teammates for the lack of effort they were giving in practices. Landry told the players that “lack of effort is contagious and it ripples through the team, and that was coming to an end.”

The rest of the team caught wind of Landry’s rant to his teammates and instantly became a vocal leader of the team and a fan-favorite overnight. You can instantly see a different attitude change in the Browns and that was carried to new heights once Baker Mayfield became the starter.

In Jarvis’ first season with the Browns, he totaled 81 catches for 976 yards and four touchdowns. Jarvis was a leader in helping elevate the play of receiver teammates Rashard Higgins and rookie Antonio Callaway. The Browns, a team that was winless a year before, was in playoff contention last year until mid-December. Little did people know what Jarvis had in-store for the Dawg Pound.

Social media can be a blessing or curse. When pictures surfaced of Baker Mayfield, Jarvis Landry, David Njoku, and a certain Odell Beckham hanging out and training together, it had football fans scratching their heads. Jarvis Landry and Odell Beckham are life-long friends dating back to their days in Louisiana. Landry and Beckham were teammates at LSU and both were drafted in the same year. So really, could these two friends really reconnect and join forces? Media reporters didn’t think it was possible. But it was evident that Jarvis was recruiting Odell to come to Cleveland. And with that said in March, the inevitable happen, The Browns traded with the Giants and landed Odell Beckham instantly giving Cleveland arguable the best WR core in football.

Even when Odell was introduced to the Browns with the media, Jarvis, Baker, and defensive standout Myles Garrett were there at the podium to welcome Odell to Cleveland. Expectations for the Browns are different this year than in years past. Much credit has been given to GM John Dorsey for putting such a talented roster together in such little time. But many have to look at what Jarvis Landry has done to bring the passion and the fire to an organization that had lost that identity for the better part of two decades.

Now, let this sink in.

A team that, at one point, had won one of 32 games are now in the conversation as possible Super Bowl contenders just two years later.

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