Mercado’s Catch: What You Didn’t Catch

Some say it’s the play of the year.


But that’s just the thing. It actually was the play of the year because it wasn’t the play of the year. That probably makes no sense to you – I will explain.

I have great friends that love the Indians like every Clevelander should. We were discussing the catch and I was saying how it actually wasn’t that cool and people are overreacting, albeit a great play.

“The catch would have been The catch of the year if he dived instead of lands on his feet. But if he dives, I bet money he doesn’t catch it and ends up on the DL.”

Zack Emerman

What a great point.

If Mercado does flat-out dive, there’s a good chance he cracks a few ribs and is out for the final run of this season. That would be obviously detrimental to this team trying to make a playoff run and more.

“And they could’ve tagged as well if he fell over.”

Daniel Axner

Another great point. If Mercado falls down, the runners (bases were loaded) would have had time to run back and tag up, scoring a run and allowing everyone to move up a base. Since Mercado got the ball in right away, everyone scrambled back. Score then stayed 8-6 Tribe.

Choose your friends wisely.

Yeah, Mercado could have done a full-out dive. It would have been even cooler to watch. However, it still only would’ve counted for a single out and the aforementioned then subsequently occurrs.

Thus, Oscar’s ability to full-out extend, catch the ball, land on his feet and make a solid throw in right away was actually even more impressive, not ascetically, but for the team’s sake.

Great catch, great win, great friends.

Go Tribe.

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