I was watching the Rocky movies on Saturday and it was an exciting experience as it always is for me. Of course, the most criticized of them all is Rocky V and I understand why that is despite the fact I do still like it. No, it’s not as good as the others, but I enjoy it.

The plot?

A retired Rocky Balboa trains a young fighter named Tommy Gunn who is similar to him. They have success in fights until Tommy breaks off from him. The two end up fighting in the street. Rocky knocks Tommy to the ground and knocks Gunn’s promoter down as well.

Anyway, here are FIVE ways this movie could’ve been made better.

1. Have Rocky & Tommy Fight BUT in The Ring Instead

The idea the promoter kept saying is that Tommy only fights in the ring. Well, Rocky and Tommy ended up fighting in a street brawl. It should’ve been themed, “A master who fights the product he created” in a legit fight. That would’ve been great.

2. Don’t Make The Balboa Family Look So Bad 

The story goes that the Balboa Family lost all their money. Adrian had to go to work and it was a crisis. Certainly would’ve been better if the Balboa’s were thriving and rich still instead.

3. Have The Character Apollo Creed Come Back – In Fiction 

Rest in peace, actor Carl Weathers. Of course, the character of Apollo Creed was killed off in Rocky IV. However, they could’ve had Apollo come back into Rocky’s thoughts through various scenes. They did this with the character of Mickey and it worked. Why not the iconic Apollo?

4. Enough About Rocky’s Son

The movie focuses too much on Rocky’s son when no one really cares about the kid and his issues in school. Sorry, bud. They should maybe show the boy in a dinner scene and that’s it.

5. Have Rocky Winning Some Type of Award or Doing Something Amazing for the Community. 

A nice feel-good scene where Rocky does something great and it is showcased within the film at some point.

Overall, the film was made in 1990 which was five years after Rocky IV. Honestly, maybe just not making it in the first place would’ve been acceptable. Another problem was simply merely how much everyone aged in that time frame and it gave a bad vibe to the film.

Well, I hope you still enjoy all of the Rocky movies. I always will. Yes, even this Rocky V one that takes the most heat.

“Yo, Tommy! I didn’t hear no bell!” 

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