December 2, 2023

Z’s Line That Struck With Me

I was overcome with emotion while watching former Cavaliers center Zydrunus Ilgauskas’ #11 jersey retirement speech. Yes, it even got to the point where tears were streaming down my face. His whole speech to the Cleveland faithful was magical. It was filled with an appreciation and thankfulness to this city, organization and fans that never gave up on him despite his horrific injuries early in his career.

Big Z said one thing that hit me very hard: “I have always tried to be a better husband and father than I was a basketball player.”, pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Running Cleveland Sports Talk definitely takes a lot of my time and effort. And as the days go on I realize how many people, even friends, that I’ve put behind my website.

Z’s message is a great one: Your career, your hobbies and your passions are fantastic. But what’s most important in life is the positive people surrounding you, caring about you, and loving you too.

-Zach Shafron

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