Zimmer: What it Would Be Like…A Home Run Off Bro

Every home run is deserving of a movie script. Well, maybe not the solo shot in the 8th inning with the Indians down 9-3 late in the season with no playoff chances. Here, let me set the script for this specific scenario.

“Kyle Zimmer, 30, pitches for Kansas City Royals, and when the two teams met up on Monday, the two-faced each other for the third time this season. Those other at-bats ended in a strikeout and a walk.

But Bradley Zimmer, 28, got the best of his brother in the eighth inning on Monday as he took Kyle’s 85 mph slider and deposited 408 feet into the right-field seats. Cleveland went on to win 8-3.” – Via USA Today

Just the opportunity for one child to make the majors let alone two? That family must have something in its water because the odds of that happening are insane.

If I were the pitcher and my brother was the hitter, well, I would be faced with a choice. I actually have two younger brothers, but we will use my amazingly talented brother Matthew for the example.

If I’m on the hill and Matthew is batting?

My first thought would be to make sure my teeth were clean. After that, I would want to decide if I should go for the strikeout and bragging rights or sling a 100 MPH fastball at his chin. Let him know who is STILL boss.

Now if I’m batting and Matthew is pitching?

Even as an adult, I would be yearning for the approval of my parents. Thus, I would obviously take one of his pitches and hit it out of the park. My mother would say that it wasn’t very nice of me that I did that to Matthew because I can never do anything right.

It’s truly crazy to think that the Indians are no longer going to be the Indians, but the Guardians instead. I cannot wrap my head around that but it is what it is. This makes me appreciate every moment, baseball or not that I get to spend with family.

The Zimmer parents should be so proud of their two boys and all of the success they have had with the sport of baseball. It is an amazing feat and should be recognized as such.

Matthew and I did work at a water park together. Does that count?


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