You’re Pissed? Welcome to the Club!

Updated: July 17, 2017

Monday afternoon it was reported that LeBron has stated displeasure with the moves or lack of moves done by the front office of the Cavs; welcome to the club buddy.

Insert joke about LeBron being the general manager for the team. Yes, LeBron has influence over the team and he will until he retires no matter what team he plays for, but in the end, the front office has to make the calls that are needed to shape the team.

It was stated during the start of free agency that LeBron was not actively recruiting players to come to the Cavs and it seems like the Cavs missed out on every big target, Paul George especially who eventually was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

If it’s true that LeBron is voicing concerns with the team’s actions, he should be quiet. The Cavs had trouble pitching to free agents this summer because of the constant distractions and the fact that it seems like every superstar on the team is going to leave.

LeBron can’t put all the blame on the front office; he’s at fault too. LeBron was one of the biggest people pushing for the humongous contract that Tristan Thompson signed back in 2015, the contract will last five years and pay out 82 million dollars. Thompson’s contract is very hard to build around and makes the cap room on the team shrink like none other. Thompson also went ghost during the NBA Finals and the majority of the playoffs.

This team isn’t in the position to make moves or even really trade for everyone. What is everyone’s deal with Kevin Love and why can’t the team ever unload him when they want to?

This off-season has been a disaster and I think I speak for every Cavs fan when I say I’m done hearing negative news about the team. I personally am mad about the inactivity by the Cavs and the only reason I haven’t lost my mind is because we signed Jeff Green who has SERIOUS skill and can back up LeBron.

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