You’re Allowed to Feel This way About Browns Extensions


Well, news broke today that the Browns have successfully extended both head coach Kevin Stefanski and general manager Andrew Berry. I have mixed feelings about the moves, details still remain about length and money.

I am not upset with the moves, yet if the team fired both and looked for different options that would’ve been okay with me too.

The elephant this isn’t even an elephant is quarterback Deshaun Watson and the future that remains. Deshaun Watson signed a five-year, $230,000,000 contract with the Cleveland Browns. These first years as a starter have been filled with suspension and injury that have many arguing that he was the worst signing in the history of the NFL.

Who was the man that signed him? Andrew Berry

Who was the man that coached him? Kevin Stefanski

Thus, that would be the argument for keeping these two under contract for the future. Simply that there’s still time with Watson under contract and the opportunity for him to have success with the Browns in the future. Sure, he could end up getting hurt again, being terrible as a starter still and finish his tenure in Cleveland as being the worst like many have said many have said.

Or he could thrive. With this head coach. With a team that improves with Berry building pieces and parts. Simply put, it’s a waiting game.

After all, the 2023 Browns finished with an 11-6 record and made the playoffs despite an unfortunate first-round loss, that’s solid. And the fact it was Joe Flacco as the starting quarterback and not Watson either.

Let’s wait and see. The Browns are banking on the guys they had in charge and it isn’t really known until we see how the team plays next year. For now, Deshaun Watson has a record of 8-4 with the Browns in his career. With these men in charge, let’s see if that improves in the coming years now. Or, if it will officially go down as the worst signing ever.

Congrats, Andrew and Kevin. Let’s see what you got. DeShaun – women weaken legs. Protect that shoulder.

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