The Cavaliers’ defense has been extremely poor throughout the first eight games of the season. The Cavs, holding a 5-3 record, allow opponents to average 104 points a night. This places them 24th in that category.

The Wine & Gold’s defense always seems to leave an open lane to the hoop, or an open shooter to drain an easy jumper. If that doesn’t work, it’s some sort of defensive collapse that allows an easy shot anyway.

When you think of this past summer’s NBA draft, at least in terms of the Cavs, everyone remembers that amazing number one selection of Kansas star Andrew Wiggins. Of course, there were always implications that Wiggins would be traded. At the time, it wasn’t 100 percent clear.

Happy and joyously, we all relish the tale of LeBron returning home with his beautiful letter, Kyrie Irving signing his giant contract committing to this team, and of course, the Cavaliers trading Andrew Wiggins and company to Minnesota for star power forward Kevin Love.

But there was more to that draft.

With the 33rd pick in the early second round of that draft, the Cavaliers selected Virginia guard Joe Harris. The four year college star shot 44 percent and averaged 12 points throughout his tenure as a…Cavalier? Yes, Joe Harris went from being a Cavalier to being a Cavalier!

Joe Harris had already demonstrated some ability on the defensive end.

Not shockingly at all, the rumors are already swirling of a possible trade of Cavaliers shooting guard Dion Waiters. While the former Syracuse Orangeman has shown the ability to score, create his own shot, or drive to the hoop, he lacks any type of presence on the defensive end. Waiters allows his man to get past him quite easily and he definitely wishes he could only play one side of the ball.

A championship starts on the defensive end. That’s why Waiters may have to go.

There are plenty of destinations Dion Waiters could potentially be heading.  One is to Denver for big man Timofey Mozgov, a skilled rim protector. Another spot could be joining Andrew Wiggins in Minnesota in exchange for center Gorgui Dieng and forward Corey Brewer. Finally, Memphis has center Kosta Koufos, a player the Cavaliers could have designs upon.

Cavs fans, have no fear. Joe Harris is going to be an absolutely awesome NBA player. He may not be flashy, he may not be a dominant scorer, but the rookie can shoot the basketball. In addition, he has the ability to take it the rack.

But wait…there’s more! Joe Harris can actually play defense, unlike Dion Waiters. Plus, we probably will receive some sort of rim protector as well.

I love Dion Waiters. He’s a good guy with a killer attitude. Sadly, on this team his services are expendable and his talents replaceable. We need defense and a rim protector to put the Cavaliers over the top.

-Zach Shafron

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