November 28, 2022

You Know What They Say: “A Win is a Loss!”

The Browns sucked.

Yes, the team was able to defeat the now 0-9-1 Lions by a score of 13-10, but it just doesn’t feel so great.

Speaking of great. The great Apollo Creed once said, “I won but I didn’t beat him!” This was in regards to his fight against Rocky Balboa. Did you know that the Rocky movie came out in theaters 45 years ago today? It’s my favorite movie in case you didn’t already know that…

I wrote an article before the game about Browns quarterback Baker Mayfield. It was that he was in a lose/lose situation. That even if he played well, fans would cite that it was against the Lions so it didn’t matter.

Want to read that article for fun? CLICK HERE

Unfortunately, a hurt Mayfield played poorly against a bad Lions team. 15/29 throwing (51.7%), 176 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. The man missed on quite a few passes by a mile. It was truly painful to watch.

Certainly, it will be noted that Mayfield was playing hurt with injuries seemingly all over his body. Some will cite that this toughness is respected by his teammates and others. Personally, I think it’s stupid he’s playing hurt. There’s always a chance the injury worsens, which it did in this game. Additionally, the Browns have a capable backup quarterback in Case Keenum that is getting paid a lot of money to not ever play.

Thus, this is a paradox of sorts.

To blame Baker’s inaccuracy on his injuries is fair. However, if a quarterback is out there playing, shouldn’t the expectation be that he plays well? This performance was far from “well.”

Of course, there is no way of knowing how Keenum would have played if he got the start. That is simply a guessing game to be debated on radio waves and websites like this one.

Yes, the Browns did win the game over the Lions. Yes, the team’s record is now 6-5. Yes, the actual saying is that a win is a win.

Looking forward, the Browns have two-straight matchups against the Baltimore Ravens (separated by the bye week). That team is 7-3 after a 16-13 win over Chicago Bears today.

In this game against the Lions, it felt like the Browns were literally giving them every single opportunity possible for them to win the game. From penalties to interceptions and bad play calls, it was awful.

Is all lost?


A win over the Ravens in Baltimore and it jumpstarts the Browns to try and contend for the playoffs. However, so much is going to have to change from this week to this next matchup. It starts with determining the health of our quarterback and if he should even be playing. Then it goes to discipline, coaching and more.

The Browns have a ton of talent. It’s just a matter of harnessing said talent and using it in a matter that gives this team the best chance to win. Let’s just try and make it a bit easier on the eyes and the heart and the soul each week.


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