When I heard today that the Indians were officially removing the Chief Wahoo logo from the uniform starting in 2019, it truly saddened me. I understand that controversy behind it, yet I believe the team should have kept the logo.

Think about the 90’s. Those great teams all sported the Chief Wahoo on their jerseys and those memories give myself and other fans goosebumps and I wasn’t even alive (or just a baby) for the majority of those years. (Thank you, YouTube)

Sadly, the Indians caved to the politically correct society that we are now all forced to live in. This logo was more than just something worn on the helmet, but a representation of THE TEAM and nothing more.

Thankfully, fans will continue to wear their Chief Wahoo apparel, probably even more now. I know I will. You’ll see it in the stands and around the city for every Indians game. It’ll never truly go away.

While our star players such as Lindor and Ramirez will not sport the logo. No one can take away Lofton, Thome, Vizquel and other donning the uniform throughout those great playoff runs way back when.

The point of this is all is no Indians fan wants to be considered a racist for liking the Chief Wahoo, representing our baseball team. It just brings back great memories of amazing times and it is sad that our players will not be wearing the logo anymore.

For all of the activists fighting to get the logo removed, you got what you wanted. However, The Chief will live on forever in a different fashion.

The Indians have one more season with the logo and wouldn’t it be perfect to win the World Series with Chief Wahoo? Only time will tell.

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