February 27, 2024

DE Yannick Ngakoue: Could Be A Game-Changing Addition to the Cleveland Browns


The Cleveland Browns are once again rumored to be interested in Yannick Ngakoue and it’s no surprise considering their already formidable edge rushers. Adding Ngakoue to the squad would provide much-needed depth and prevent the overuse of the services of Myles Garrett and Darius Smith throughout the season. The importance of the edge rusher position in football cannot be understated and having top-end talent like Ngakoue would allow the coach to implement a smart rotation strategy, especially in case of injuries or the need to conserve energy for Garrett and Smith. This move would greatly contribute to achieving the goals set by the Cleveland Browns for this season, as they are in win-now mode and prioritizing the right signings.

Yannick Ngakoue is a seven-year veteran in the sport, having played for the Indianapolis Colts last year. He is consistently listed as one of the best remaining free agents by Sports Illustrated. Ngakoue is renowned for his pure pass-rushing skills and has consistently put up impressive sack numbers throughout his career, averaging around eight sacks per year. He has been linked to various clubs over the years, including the Jets and Cowboys. Ngakoue’s sack numbers are no fluke; he has achieved this level of success regardless of the defensive scheme or team he has played for. In fact, he has had eight or more sacks in five out of his seven seasons, with four of those seasons recording 9.5 sacks or more.

While he may struggle against the run, his expertise lies in rushing the passer, which is precisely what the Browns need to complement their rookies in the rotation. Signing Ngakoue would undoubtedly be a valuable move, especially if it’s for a year or two, as he has the ability to consistently disrupt quarterbacks at will.

On paper, the addition of Yannick Ngakoue would significantly bolster the Cleveland Browns team. Considering their lackluster defensive performance in the previous year, the potential signing of Ngakoue could propel them to become one of the elite defenses in the NFL.

The only question that remains is whether the Browns are willing to make a bold financial move now or wait for a potential drop in Ngakoue’s value before making their move. The Browns may still be just one top-level talent signing away from solidifying their roster before the signing window closes. It is absolutely necessary for the Browns to secure a top signing like Yannick Ngakoue to bookend their defense and elevate their performance to new heights.

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