March 3, 2024

WR Elijah Moore: Flag Football Time? Will NFL Safety Be Prevalent?


To preface, I have epilepsy and get seizures daily. Not saying that for sympathy but even though I’m not a tackle football player, it gives me some perspective on this situation.

Seeing WR Elijah Moore on the ground seizing like that was pretty scary for everyone watching. Of course, we all know about CTE – Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy and what it does to especially retired football players from all of the hits they take.

We live in a different world and certainly are more politically correct than back when my Poppa Larry and his friend Mel would watch Jim Brown and the Browns back in the day.

Here’s something to think about.

Let’s say when you were born, the way football was played was via the flag method instead of tackle. Would you enjoy it any less or differently than you do now? You grew up with tackle football cause that’s the way it was…

If you had told me let’s switch it from tackle to flag, I would’ve said no with a bunch of swear words too.

If you aren’t familiar, flag football is basically instead of tackling you’re trying to grab the “flag” the opponent is wearing that would serve as a tackle. Look at this pic:

Now, let me be clear that I am not demanding the NFL change its league from tackle to flag. This is simply something to think about.

We all saw that gruesome seizure on the ground. Via Mary Kay, Browns WR Elijah Moore spent the night in the hospital for concussion eval. He’s home now. In protocol.” 

There are going to be people who want football banned or extremists who say the game is too dangerous to be played and try and cancel it.

These players do know what they are getting into and it’s a choice they aren’t forced to make in any capacity. This flag football idea is simply something to consider as we move forward to a new year.

I do wonder if there will be any type of demands for safety or protection of players. Maybe not as extreme as completely canceling tackle football but just by the NFL to protect the players that end up suffering for life.

TO BE CLEAR: My personal opinion is that, like I said, these players know what they are getting into and if you want to take the risks associated then continue to play but just know it’s a violent game. Thus, don’t call me a little baby for simply bringing up this idea.

If the current game was entirely flag football, who would be the best player? Think about that while trying to fall asleep tonight.

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