There are certain receivers that ring a bell in the past such as Terrell Owens, Jerry Rice, OBJ and those are just a few of the many great pass catchers in the history of the game…

In the Browns’ recent 23-10 terrible loss to the Cincinnati Bengals, there was one shining star in the game for Cleveland. It was wide receiver Donovan Peoples-Jones. This wideout had eight catches for 114 yards (long of 13 yards) despite the team losing a bit down south…

On this year of 13 games so far, DPJ has 53 receptions for 751 yards (57.8 yards a game) and a single touchdown. Those are some pretty solid numbers considering the fact that it’s been a backup quarterback in Jacoby Brissett under center for the first 11 games of the year.

Now, DeShaun Watson is starting and it’s certainly an adjustment for the wideout to make with his new quarterback calling the plays.

Is DPJ going to be the next OBJ or even T.O.? Well, of course not. However, he has the opportunity to become an excellent receiver for the Browns, not just this season, but in the coming years.

The future is truly what’s most exciting, especially after the Bengals loss and the 5-8 record currently for the Browns to have moving forward to the matchup against a tough Baltimore team (9-4) at home this week.

Frankly, it’s a future worth looking forward to with the talent not just at quarterback, but really the entire roster. This includes the wide receiver position with DPJ being a potential anchor out there in the coming years…

DPJ will be entering his fourth season with the Browns and will be 24 years old at that point in time. Did you know he was a 6th-round pick in 2020 for the Browns? What a steal that is for this team…

Let’s see DPJ (6’2″, 204 pounds) catch a few more touchdown passes on the season as he only has the single one this year so far. The best of the best find a way to get that ball in the end zone when it counts most. That would be crucial for him to truly become a top-tier wideout.

As the games go on and this season comes to a close, it looks like another one that isn’t going to end the way we Browns fans want it to end. However, the future is certainly bright and players like Donovan Peoples-Jones can make it that way.

Let’s build on the present and get excited for what is supposed to be an amazing future led by quarterback DeShaun Watson and his receivers such as Donovan Peoples-Jones. Next year will be the “prove it” year for Peoples-Jones as his contract expires. Let’s see what he can do for this team!

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