Well, the Los Angeles Lakers officially got swept by the Denver Nuggets in the Western Conference Finals by a score of 113-111. LeBron James went 15/25 for 40 points, 10 rebounds and nine assists. Insane numbers despite the loss and ultimate elimination.

After the game, the King did have a lot to say about his future:

“I got a lot to think about,” James said after the game. “Just personally, with me moving forward with the game of basketball, I got a lot to think about.” – CBS

Firstly, let’s remember James has two boys involved in the sport, specifically Bronny James heading to USC for college ball.
The NBA collective bargaining agreement currently does not allow for player/coaches.
Via Wikipedia – “Dave Cowens is the last player-coach in the league. He coached the Celtics in the 1978–79 season before relinquishing his coaching duty to focus on his playing career.”
However, let’s be honest. The NBA will do anything for LeBron in the future. Even if that means changing the rules a bit.
The biggest problem currently is that LeBron is actually still amazing at playing the game even at the age of 38. I mean, just look at those numbers from Game 4.
There is no doubt that LeBron would be an excellent coach. After all, LeBron has basically been the coach of every team he’s been on. It’s shown by the way he talks on the bench to the players and coaches during timeouts.
I think back to a semifinals playoff game way back in 2015 when LeBron hit a game-winner against the Chicago Bulls. Read this via SI:
That was LeBron and certainly not the only time James has overruled the coach to dial up his own play.
There are a couple of other scenarios that can happen to end LeBron’s career, of course.
-Finish the next few years in Los Angeles as a Laker.
-Come home to Cleveland and play with this exciting Cavs bunch (YES, PLEASE).
-Just say “F IT” and retire, but pull an MJ and become an owner of a team.
-Leave basketball completely (doubtful).
Regardless, I think bringing back the player/coach would be a really cool nuance to the league and something the NBA should consider in the future. After all, LeBron practically has been one for years.
Well, folks. Let’s see how this offseason and the coming years play out for the best player basketball has ever seen.

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