Worst Trade In NFL History Is Russell Wilson Not Deshaun Watson


Earlier this week the Denver Broncos announced that they will officially release a former Super Bowl winning quarterback. Russell Wilson will be a free agent and free to sign with any team he wishes and who will take him. To fully understand the magnitude of this move by the Broncos. You must start from the very beginning of Russell Wilson’s tenure with the team.

Two years ago, Denver traded away two first round picks, two second round picks, a fifth-round pick, TE Noah Fant, quarterback Drew Lock and defensive end Shelby Harris. In return Denver received quarterback Russell Wilson. Denver then gave Russell Wilson a new $242 million dollar contract with $124 million guaranteed. After giving up the draft picks and players, Denver will be paying Wilson $85 million dollars the next two years to not play for them. That is a $42.5 million dollar salary cap hit per year. If that wasn’t bad enough, consider what Denver also gave up acquiring their head coach Sean Peyton.

Last year Denver sent the New Orleans Saints a 2023 first round pick and a 2024 second round pick to acquire the contract of Head Coach Sean Payton. The relationship between Payton and Wilson did not mesh well. Wilson was benched at the end of last season. The move is now a complete disaster for the Denver Broncos.

This is the type of mistake can set back an organization for at least five years. National media people are comparing it to the Browns trade for Deshaun Watson. And the comparison is not even close. The last two seasons with Deshaun Watson was hindered by suspension and injuries. There is still three years left on his $230 million-dollar guaranteed contract. The Browns head coach and front office are still in place from when they originally made the trade with Houston. Denver has a new front office and head coach since the Wilson trade. The jury is still out on the Watson trade.

It can be argued that Deshaun Watson has underperformed since the trade. It can also be argued that he wasn’t on the field enough to back into form. In 2023 the Cleveland Browns were 5-1 with Deshaun Watson at quarterback. That is counting the Indianapolis game. The point differential was + 63 when he started at quarterback for the Browns. The Browns are working to make Deshaun Watson succeed at quarterback. The Broncos just gave up on Wilson. And the national media gave up on the Browns and Watson.

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