With Shane Bieber Out For The Season, The Guardians Already Have His Replacement For The 2024 Season


After two amazing starts for Cleveland Guardians ace pitcher Shane Bieber, he has now been ruled out for the season and will be getting Tommy John Surgery. I say that the Guardians already have his replacement for the season because he is already on the team.

Starting Pitcher Xzavion Curry had his first start of the 2024 season on Monday against the Boston Red Sox where he allowed zero runs in his first start. If Curry can find a way to pitch like this every start throughout the season and stays healthy, he will make batters on the opposing team struggle.

Overall, the Guardians do have a strong pitching rotation. With Carrasco and Allen struggling, if they can find a way to get back into a groove, this starting rotation is deadly. Batters would have a hard time going up against each of these starting pitchers. With the 2024 season being still very early, the Guardians have a chance to do some really amazing things this year.

It hurts that Bieber will be out for the rest of the season, but he will be back better than ever for the Guardians in the 2025 season. As of right now, the Guards need to continue to focus on winning as Bieber will focus on recovering from his surgery.

Everything will all work out in the end, as this is a fun team that has been playing pretty good baseball thus far this season!


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