April 20, 2024

While Dallas is over there counting their 90’s rings as their only claim to fame, the Browns have been building a roster that is capable of winning a Super Bowl within the next century. Now this isn’t an article solely created to roast the Cowboys, but as a Texan myself I can’t not pick on them. Either way, the Browns did some pretty solid moves this free agency. We’ll rank the team here, as well as talking about what is left to fill before training camp begins.

Jerry Jeudy, WR

The biggest signing/trade was easily the Jerry Jeudy one. While it wasn’t a massive shocker he ended up coming here since talks for him have been ongoing since the trade deadline, it still was a big move. It also solidified the Browns as the one-stop shop for WRs you just don’t want anymore. It also filled out the room, with the presumed starting lineup being Cooper, Jeudy, Moore, Tillman, though the two and three slots will most likely shift around.

Jameis Winston, QB

Jameis Winston also was a pretty big signing for the Browns. While he isn’t going to see a whole lot of field time, he still isn’t a terrible backup to have. With Watson’s health and just skill in general in question, having a suitable backup is going to be a very important piece. The move was somewhat controversial in the Browns community, since everyone wanted Flacco back on the team. But he would probably want more money and time on the team, which with his age and uncertain future just isn’t worth it. Hopefully Winston never has to play, but if he does I trust him to at least coast long enough to not crash.

Misc Re-Signings/Signings, N/A

The Browns also had a plentiful, yet silent, mass of signings. These include players like Za’Darius Smith, DE, who was a really good signing. He was a very important piece for the Browns, and was crucial in securing the edge on the opposite side of Garrett. Players such as Jordan Hicks, Maurice Hurst II, D’Onta Foreman, Quinton Jefferson, Rodney McLeod and more also came back to the team. There were still multiple players who didn’t return to the team, which sucks, but it isn’t something the Browns are incapable of overcoming. This doesn’t include every single free agent, but if I included everything this would probably be way too long of an article.

Conclusion, What’s Next, and a Ranking

With all the big free agency signings over, the Browns now have to shift focus to the NFL draft. With plenty of picks, even with multiple picks missing from the Jeudy trade, the Browns can easily pick up some solid talent this year. The draft commonly does not have a huge impact on a team year-1, unless they are super talents, but any difference is welcome. And smaller name free agents are still out there, it just matters what the Browns deem needed to be filled. Overall, while the Browns didn’t make any super flashy moves that rocked the NFL, they silently built up a strong roster, as well as keeping much of the original one intact (which is way to underrated). I would probably give this off-season a solid 7/10, though I think that can improve plenty assuming the Browns have a good draft.


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