With Donovan Mitchell Extension What’s Next For Evan Mobley?


After the exciting news of Donovan Mitchell officially signing a contract extension with the Cleveland Cavaliers, we look at what the future holds for the overall team. Evan Mobley’s rookie contract will be coming to an end soon, so the next step will be for the Cavs to extend him.

Mobley has been a great asset for the Cavs and knew that when drafted he would help the team a lot. Mobley has looked to have gotten better and better each season. He seemed to play extremely well in the playoffs this past season and he can only get better from there.

With Donovan Mitchell officially signing an extension, this should mean Mobley will follow suit. The key to keeping this Cavs team together was based on Donovan Mitchell’s decision and his decision clearly is wanting to be in Cleveland.

With a new head coach and Mitchell re-signing, I have a feeling most of the players on the Cavs will be returning to run it back aside from maybe some changes, but we’ll save that for another article.

As much praise Mobley is getting, he still is not at his highest potential yet, which will really help with an extension this go around for the Cavs. Mobley has continued to improve each season, but it’s not the level of potential where he could grab a max deal.

At the end of the day, Mobley will continue to stay in Cleveland after signing an extension down the road and will continue his path to greatness in a Cavaliers uniform alongside Donovan Mitchell!

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