February 28, 2024

With Deshaun Watson Back At Practice – This Is How He Can Help The Browns


Deshaun Watson is back at practice for the Cleveland Browns as he will be looking to start for the Browns in the next two weeks. He is expected to make his first start on December 4th, 2022, against his former team the Houston Texans. Until then, the Browns still have one more game without Watson which will be against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. As we have all seen, the Browns have not won very many games this season. Even though the Browns have a (3-7) record, QB Deshaun Watson may help improve their game going into this final game before his suspension ends.

Many have figured that the 2022 season for the Cleveland Browns was not going to be great and some even considered this season a wash. As the Browns playoffs are faded away, they still have a chance at giving the fans a fun second half of the season. The Browns already knew they were preparing for 2023 when they executed the trade for Deshaun Watson. With Watson nearing the end of his suspension, this alone can ignite some positive fuel for the Cleveland Browns.

This season has not gone the Browns’ way, even though Cleveland has played competitively in most games. The Browns defense has been weak this season and having Deshaun Watson back as a quarterback may bring the Browns defense and the team, as a whole, to come together and start winning some games. As Watson’s 11-game suspension is close to a finish, Cleveland will finally have their star quarterback and will now have a significant weight off of their shoulders.

Even though this season has not brought much joy for us Cleveland fans, we will at least have some excitement soon with our new QB Deshaun Watson. It is true that one person can change a whole team’s chemistry. We all hope this works out in the end. Let’s Go Browns!!!!

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