On Tuesday, January 13th, this season was bleak. Despite LeBron James’ triumphant return from his two-week hiatus due to injury, the Cavaliers had just lost their sixth game in a row. A 107-100 contest to the Phoenix Suns. Another attempted comeback that simply failed.

First year coach David Blatt was already on the hot seat, some unfairly suggesting he get fired right then and there. Rumors were circulating that the team didn’t listen to the coach. Players completely ignoring play calls. Assistant coaches calling timeouts behind Blatt’s back (which isn’t even allowed in the NBA). The coach was most definitely “losing” his team, in some eyes.

Also, word was out that star PF Kevin Love was planning on signing elsewhere after just a single season here in Cleveland. It was even rumored that our beloved King James was going to make the “most appropriate business decision” come this summer, a possible chance of him leaving us…again.

Yeah, most of it was garbage just spit out to get more traffic to the website reporting it. But there definitely was some truth to it. These Cavaliers were in a bad place, and things needed to change…fast.

13 games later, and it’s incredible to even think that this team was ever in that position.

Everything is now clicking.

It started off with a solid win against the Los Angeles Lakers, one of the final LeBron v. Kobe duels we’ll ever see. Then, coach Blatt’s stroke of genius in calling the “Hack-A-Jordan” in the third quarter of the Clippers game the following night.

Those errant foul shots completely slowed the pace of the game down, and allowed for the Cavaliers to capitalize on the opportunity. Without that strategy, we most likely get blown out.

After the Los Angeles sweep, the good guys beat the Bulls by 14, Jazz by 14 as well, Hornets by 39 (no that is not a typo), Thunder by 10 and the Pistons by 8. That was followed up by Kyrie Irving’s magical 55-point performance to beat the Blazers (finally winning with LBJ out), 99-94. Continuing on, the Wine and Gold beat the Kings by 11, Timberwolves by 16, 76ers by 13 and the Clippers by 11 (even thought they were blowing them out for much of the game).

Sadly, Indiana ruined the party when they beat the Cavs, 103-99. The win streak snapped at 12. Right back on track, the Cavs dominated the Lakers on Sunday winning 120-105.

It’s funny how winning seems to cure all problems.

Oddly enough, coach Blatt is still the same guy. The players still have to listen to him during practices and during games. Yet magically, they seem to hate him with losing and love him with winning. Or that’s at least what the press wants us to think.

Sure this upcoming summer opens up a window for Kevin Love and LeBron to leave. Despite the fact that LeBron has obviously stated that he is loyal to Cleveland, a report came out that he would consider other options. Now that they’re winning, where’s that report? Kevin Love, too, has always said he’s here for the long run. But it’s taken winning for that report to disappear as well…

The Cavs could’ve won a mere 30 games this year, and it would be VERY TOUGH (not impossible) for LeBron to leave. He remembers what happened four years ago. Not sure anyone would want to go through that twice.

Losses > Loyalty – according to the press.

It’s truly refreshing to watch a basketball team win in such a successful way. Throughout the streak, the Cavs outscored their opponents by 153 points. That’s nearly 13 a game! Finally, this team has found its groove, and it already looks like they are poised for a playoff run.

The obvious frustration for Cavs fans was having to deal with all the rumors and shaky reports when this team was struggling. It’d be nice if we could live in a world where the media didn’t blow everything out of proportion.

Like that’s ever gonna happen.

The solution to this problem is win, win, win! Go Cavs!


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