Winners of Two Straight: Cavaliers Get Big Win Over Thunder


On Thursday, April 8, 2021, the Cleveland Cavaliers defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder with a final score of 129-102. This game had a slow start, but the Cavs got it together and ran away with this win. Everyone on the team showed up to play as each starter scored over 10 points.

PG Colin Sexton led the team in scoring with 27 points followed by PG Darius Garland. Another fun stat is PF Kevin Love has played one of his best games this season scoring 18 points with 11 rebounds and two assists. This win over the Thunder brings the Cavs to a record of 19-32, securing their 19th win last night.

This season has had many ups and downs. I know a lot of people might think, “Nick you’re so positive, have you seen this team play?” The question is, “Yes, I have seen this team play and when they play team ball, they can be unstoppable.” Despite the record of 19-34, this Cavaliers team has a bright future ahead of them. If the Cavs get a few more pieces with a little more talent, this will be a playoff team – no doubt.

As we look at the rest of the season from now, it does not look like the Cavs will make the playoffs. The only way the Cavs can obtain a playoff spot is if they can go on a massive winning streak. Similar to when the Indians went on a 22-game win streak back in 2017. Regardless, the way the Cavs played in their last two games they look like they are ready to compete for next season.

On a final note, we might not get what we want as fans this year regarding the playoffs, but that does not change any mentality of a bright future. Stay positive Cavs Nation, we will eventually be a winner again!

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