Somewhere in the Middle: Collin Sexton and the Cleveland Cavaliers

Cleveland is in an impossible situation. They are on the brink of title contention and a complete tank job. There is potential to go in either direction but ultimately no matter what LeBron decides to do, an overhaul is coming. Many thoughts that overhaul would involve Kevin Love and the Brooklyn Nets draft pick. However, reports on draft night that Kevin Love was not being shopped and that the Cavs would make their selection came true. Now even after the draft, it feels like the Cavs have more questions than answers. Sexton is an undeniable talent and he probably was the best player available at that selection, but his fit with James is questionable. Ultimately, LeBron is going to decide whatever he wants regardless of what the Cavs do. The Cavs cannot be beholden to his every whim when he isn’t under contract. Ultimately grading this selection is impossible until LeBron decides what he is going to do. Once again, all eyes are on you, Mr. James.

Images: ESPN

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