Winner #1: Phoenix Suns

It’s hard not to get better as a team when you have the first overall pick in the draft. Especially in a draft as talented as this one. Deandre Ayton will change the Phoenix Suns’ culture and mindset going forward. He gives them a legitimate scoring threat in the low post and an interior rim protector who can improve upon the worst defense in the NBA. His outside game looks far better than most big men when they enter the NBA and it is only expected to get better. However, the move that made the Suns clear winners in this draft was trading up to get Mikal Bridges from Philadelphia. Bridges spent four years at Villanova learning from coach Jay Wright and his ‘3 and D’ ability and versatility will make him an instant asset for this young Suns team. They aren’t ready to compete with the alphas in the West, but the future is certainly bright in Phoenix.

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