I hate my own title.


Yeah, because what fan is saying that people should be proud of a team that loses a series? With another year gone by without a World Series. Ultimately, that’s defined as a failure…right?

Well, there’s just something about these Guardians. And, by the way, I wish they were still the Indians, too. But that’s another conversation for another day.

Unlike the Cleveland Browns, our beloved football team in what is considered a “football town” by most fans for sure here in The 216. This team never gave up, never quit and always fought each and every game this season to give them a chance to win. Of course, I want them to beat the “you know what” out of the Yankees here in Game 5 and advance to the American League Championship Series against the Houston Astros.

I do, in fact, have a pulse.

However, it’s almost as if watching the Browns give such little effort and clearly do not have the drive to contend for a Super Bowl has made me appreciate the Guardians even more. I even wrote an article about how Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski should be fired after only six weeks of action. You can read that by clicking HERE.

Guardians manager Terry Francona has these guys in such a great direction that even if they do lose this game today, the future is so bright. This is such a young team with many more years of baseball to play and it feels like this won’t be the last year this team is contending in the playoffs for a title

Obviously, a loss will be disappointing. To go home empty-handed after leading this five-game series 2-1 is awful. While it may not be as bad as blowing a 3-1 lead in the 2016 World Series (sorry to bring that up), it’s not good.

I don’t want to write this article as if the team is guaranteed to lose today because they certainly are not for all the aforementioned reasons I mentioned.

Never Gives Up!

Never Quits!

Always Fights!

There is one game in particular in these playoffs that I will never forget. Obviously, the comeback against these very Yankees in Game 3 was special. However, something about Game 2 in New York meant so much to me. Down 2-0, the team was able to tie it and eventually take the lead in extras to win it, 4-2. It was on the road, too. That’s was made it even more special.

I wrote this on Facebook before the Game that was canceled yesterday:

“Tonight, the Guardians have an incredible opportunity. I’ve had baseball memories my entire life. I’ve posted articles on this team for years. It all comes down to this. Win or lose – you should be proud of this Cleveland team representing the city. Enjoy the game. But enjoy that you have the family and friends to watch it with even more.”

With all of this being said, there’s only one thing left to do this afternoon…


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