Will Emoni Bates End Up helping Out The Cavaliers Organization?


Emoni Bates is a Small Forward in the Cleveland Cavaliers organization where he has been with the organization since 2023. Bates is currently on a two-way contract with the Cleveland Charge of the G League. With the two-way contract, this means Bates has split his time between both the Cavs and their NBA G League affiliate, which as stated earlier, is the Cleveland Charge.

The Cleveland Cavaliers selected Emoni Bates as a 2nd round draft pick in the 2023 NBA draft. Even though he is young and very early into his professional career, I am not sold on Bates really helping with the Cavs organization much. Of course, this statement could end up not ageing very well and I am hoping that that’s the case.

Looking at what Bates has done so far with the Cavs has been minimal, not having much statistics and very little playing time. The goal for him to help out the Cavs would be to continue to work hard with the Charge and then possibly getting called back up to the NBA.

The Cavs roster right now has many talented players. It would probably take someone getting injured for Bates to have a chance with the Cavs right now. Looking at the future, it is unsure if the Cavs will be loyal to Bates. It would not be surprising if he does not make the cut and ends up signing elsewhere.

Overall, the best thing for Bates right now is to continue to put work in with the Charge and trying to become a better player. That is the best he can do in this moment to help the Cavs.

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