Will Baker Mayfield Actually Start if Deshaun Watson Gets Suspended?


Well, it appears the Browns are unfortunately unable to trade quarterback Baker Mayfield. He has about as much interest as Rocky V from other teams. There are a number of reasons why other organizations do not want Mayfield on their club from his size to his decision-making and his immaturity.

The list goes on and on.

When the Browns traded for quarterback Deshaun Watson from the Houston Texans and signed him to a five-year 230 million dollar contract, everyone thought that was it. This was our guy and the Browns had a great starting quarterback for many years.

Not so fast.

Watson is currently meeting with NFL Officials in regards to the allegations made against him by the 22 various women at the massage parlors. I made a point about this on Twitter that I would like to share.

Certainly, if Watson, taking the main offensive players to the Bahamas for some team bonding,  is actually convicted of some type of crime then I understand. I feel like suspending a player based on allegations is not right. However, I am not in charge of the league.

There certainly may be a chance that Watson gets suspended for a certain amount of games. Then the question arises of who will start for the Browns at quarterback to replace Watson?

Jacoby Brissett?

Joshua Dobbs?

Recently signed Felix Harper? 

Let me be blunt. All three of those guys suck and are backups. This is where one has to wonder if Baker Mayfield could actually be the better option as a replacement for Watson if he does get suspended?

I say…yes.

Now, why would Baker want to take on this job after everything he’s gone through and basically being given the middle finger by the Browns?

Mayfield could use this as an audition of sorts to show other teams that he is actually still a capable starting quarterback. Thus, when his time is up and Watson is ready to come back and start, Mayfield could end up being traded to a team that realizes he isn’t as bad as they think.

It could also be beneficial for the Browns in the same sense. They’d be able to finally get rid of Mayfield after all of this drama.

However, it’s similar to surgery or medication where there are risks involved. If Mayfield plays poorly not only is it simply bad for the Browns, but it makes trading him just that much more difficult than it already is currently for the organization.

Well, let’s first of all hope Watson doesn’t get any type of suspension and starts Week One. If that isn’t the case and he does face a suspension, the Browns have some decisions to make. It will be interesting…

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