Why You Shouldn’t Worry About Kyrie

Updated: July 20, 2017

It’s seemingly more and more that players within the Cleveland Cavaliers organization are totally fine with publicly voicing their concern with the current off-season. Kyrie Irving was asked during an interview this week about his opinion on the offseason and the moves that the team has made. Kyrie described the situation that the team is in as a “peculiar place.”

When you sit down and think about how every player must currently feel about the situation, you must understand that they’re more than likely just as mad about the lack of moves as you are. Kyrie Irving was a young player that played on some bad teams at the start of his career and he wasn’t used to losing. Kyrie played for St. Patrick High School in New Jersey and won his fair share of tournaments and then played for the prestigious college program, Duke, and we doubt that Kyrie wants to go back to that losing situation considering he’s currently 25-years-old and only getting better.

When people start to freak out when players voice their displeasure, it doesn’t make sense. Obviously, Kyrie isn’t going to say that he’s in love with this offseason when the best player they have added is 30-year-old Jeff Green; the Cavs also added a backup for Kyrie in Jose Calderon.

You can’t take everything that a player says so personally and you have to expect that Kyrie is just as upset with this current situation. You also have to remember that Kyrie committed to this team for five years before LeBron even came back.

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