Why the NBA Should Not Reopen Anytime Soon

16 NBA players tested positive for coronavirus out of 302 total Monday the league union announced. This is not a number that anyone wanted to hear. Fans are desperately waiting for basketball to return and this certainly will not help the cause. Not to mention the increase in Florida cases in general, where games are to be played.

Of course, the players that actually tested positive are going to be in some form of isolation and not on the floor battling it out. Guys like Avery Bradley were already set to sit out the remainder of this season for one reason or another. Who knows how many players had a false-negative test and actually do have the virus, yet are set to play and subsequently spread it to everyone else?

The NBA was about 65 games into its current season before it had to pause due to the virus growing. 22 out of the 30 teams are going to be playing in this Orlando tournament-style finalization of the year.

What if one player that currently is testing negative ends up testing positive after the restart? All the contact between players and it’s not like they can wear the Covid masks while playing an intense game like basketball.

It’s understandable why players and fans alike would want the league to start back up again and not waste a season with a majority that has already been played. However, it just seems like the risks are too high. Of course, it’s not like the Cavs were a team contending for a championship this year. Thus, it’s easier for fans in this area to be fine with a shutdown compared to those contending for a title.

The bottom line is that the league has to prioritize the safety of all involved in its operation over forcing the finalization of a season upon everyone. The odds of no one catching the virus while participating are extremely slim at this point.

Get ready for the 2020-21 season that would start in the fall and hope that the virus has gone away by that point. A fresh beginning for all 30 teams and hopefully all the players are recovered by that point. It’s simply not worth risking the well-being of the entire league as a whole.

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