Why the Dysfunction With the Cavs?

The Cleveland Cavaliers are in disarray. Nevermind the record; that’s to be expected given the fact that they’re in for a rebuild. But the public tantrums, outbursts and arguments with those within the front office are a sign that changes need to be made immediately.

Last week, if possible.

Until changes are made, this team will continue to trend downward and not necessarily because of the talent (or lack of) on the roster.

It’s apparent that Kevin Love is not fond of the way things are being run. Whether it’s the coaching staff or the front office, he’s built up an intolerance for them, but he’s letting it affect his play and how he interacts with his teammates – publicly. For all to see and dissect and to use as ammunition to continually tear the team and city apart. As a vet, a champion and the eldest player on the team; he must do better. If not for the sake of his reputation, for the growth of the young guys on the squad.

The Cavaliers are already in a rough. They’re experimenting with a young backcourt. Collin Sexton is only in his second year and for the first time as a Cavalier, he’s being asked to come off the ball. His running mate, Darius Garland, is a rookie and both of them are undersized. They individually have their flaws as players (most of them the same flaws, coincidentally) and have a lot to work on. When you add a lackluster roster, players who’ve taken a dive or are inconsistent (Cedi Osman fits the bill for both) and a rookie head coach/new coaching staff; there’s going to be hard times. So, the apparent hostility within the organization is just adding unnecessary stress and drama.

Creating a hostile environment for young players is a hell of a way to stunt their growth. I’ve noticed that of the trio of young guns, Collin appeared to be the only one not afraid to shoot. While Darius and Kevin Porter Jr. have become more aggressive, they still tend to hesitate taking wide-open shots and, for some reason, Collin has begun to do that as well.

Now, that can be the case for various reasons and I’m in no way directly blaming Kevin (Love) or any one player/coach for that, but I will say that it’s an array of things. The locker room must find a way to settle whatever concerns in the locker room, not on the court for millions of people to see. Not on Twitter or anywhere else public, either. If there are people within that locker room who are contributing to the chaos; they must be moved.

As of today, the Cavaliers have waived both Alfonzo McKinnie and Tyler Cook. Due to trade rumors, plus dysfunction within the Cavs locker room, it’s hard to believe they aren’t doing so to clear room for a possible trade. The organization needs to shake things up to reinvigorate the players and fans. If things stay as they are in terms of the current structure of the roster, I’d expect things to continue trending downward. This team doesn’t have the talent to handle egos, hurt feelings, as well as the hardships that come with rebuilding.

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