April 23, 2024

Why the Cavs Need to get Demarcus Cousins Now!


Lately, it seems like the Cavaliers have hit their stride again. Thanks to Arthur, obviously. And as many people know, when you start winning, the rumors about people being fired and traded also go down.

The slow start that the team endured during the end of October and the start of November was almost too painful to watch. The Cavs lacked physicality down low and it seemed like they were getting bullied there, especially with Tristan Thompson out. Many argued that the team needed to make a move as soon as possible and while they are right, they must not get distracted by the recent success of the Cavs.

A player that the Cavs have sought out for a while now is center Demarcus Cousins. Cousins has experienced little to no success in the NBA and even though he’s played in the NBA for seven years. Currently in his eighth season, he’s never played a single minute in the playoffs. Cousins has been an elite center for about three years now and he’s averaging a scorching 28.0 points per game and an astounding 13.7 rebounds per game. Now while both of these numbers are expected to lower slightly as we are only in the first month of the season, expect Cousins’ numbers to be somewhat close to these.

Cousins has been unsure where he’ll be land in the past couple seasons because of his high value yet boisterous attitude. Cousins has had trouble with coaches and players alike in the past. When Cousins was with the Sacramento Kings, he had six coaches. That obviously doesn’t spell success.

One of the biggest reasons that Cousins has been readily available for the highest bidder is due to the team’s success rate. During his time in Sacramento, he played six full seasons with a total record of 164-312; the most wins he ever experienced in a season was 33. The Kings haven’t made the playoffs since the 2005-2006 season and they haven’t won a playoff series since 2003-2004.

Last season, the New Orleans Pelicans parted with some of their future when they traded Buddy Hield and a couple other young players for superstar Demarcus Cousins. This trade alone took many by surprise as New Orleans wasn’t a leading candidate for Cousins throughout the whole process, until the very end. Paired with the fellow superstar Anthony Davis, many thought that the team was destined for at least a playoff birth. However, the team took forever to gel and Anthony Davis, per usual, was battered and injured towards the end of the season as they hobbled to a 34-48 record.

While many are unsure what the availability of Cousins is right now, you’d have to expect he’s off the table and for a good reason. As of November 16th, the New Orleans Pelicans boast an 8-7 record which lands them currently in 7th place in the tough Western Conference. Now, like I said earlier about it being only a month into the season, you still have to take some stock in the fact that the team is off to a hot start. Anthony Davis and Demarcus Cousins are combining for a staggering average of 53.6 points per game and 25.1 rebounds per game.

While the Cavs have a good looking first round draft pick that relies on the Brooklyn Nets record, 5-9 and 13th in the Eastern Conference, the Pelicans will be completely disinterested in that realm of possibility. The Cavs either need to act now and trade for the superstar Cousins or bank and hope that the Pelicans start playing sub .500 basketball and are a complete mess by the time the all-star break comes around in February.

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