Why Kareem Hunt Should Be Allowed @ Browns Facility During Suspension

The NFL denied the Browns’ request to allow RB Kareem Hunt access to the facility during his eight-game suspension to start the season. While I understand the logic behind it from a strategic standpoint, this is setting Kareem up for failure.

First, what Hunt did was reprehensible and I am, in no way, trying to defend him or the fact that he is suspended because he deserves it. However, I don’t want to focus on that because he was punished.

But not allowing him in the facility (starting Saturday at 4 p.m.) is literally a great way to push Hunt back down a bad road and get him in even more trouble than he already is right now.

Not having a place to go sucks…for anyone. It makes a person feel worthless and from personal experience with illness; I hate it. Now, instead of working out with his teammates in the facility, interacting with the coaching staff, Kareem will have to come up with a plan on his own.

It’s not impossible…

I want this young man to find success with the Browns. I feel the NFL did its part with the suspension and overstepped with this ruling.

However, KAREEM, if you are reading this – find a gym to work out at. Come up with a regimen and get jacked for a Week 10 return and wreck the league, sticking it to the NFL.

I can’t wait to see you play. Let’s not ruin this chance.

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