Why Is It Hard To Be A Religious Indians Fan?

I’ve always been a Cleveland Indians fan. Never would I wear the trendy Yankees cap or Red Sox shirt like some of my buddies do. Those teams aren’t Cleveland, they don’t represent my home town of Cleveland. But as I’ve gotten older, it has become harder and harder to passionately follow the Indians. Here, I note my personal reasons why I have trouble staying in tune with the Tribe.

1. It’s baseball.

I’m 18. Us young people are used to everything being entertaining and fast. Baseball is a very slow game that requires lots of patience, whereas football and basketball are constantly exciting. Just change the station from an NBA game to an MLB game and it’s literally like someone has sucked the life out of the room. There’s something more exciting to do on the average night than dedicate it to the Tribe.

2. 162 games. 

It’s not a rarity like a Browns game. We only get 16 of those. Because they’re on every night, I find myself with this, “I’ll catch the next one” attitude. And simply put, one game doesn’t have as much value or meaning because there’s an endless amount.

3. The Cavs.

With the excitement of the NBA playoffs, getting pumped about the Indians was quite the challenge. Now that the playoffs are over, even still, the team isn’t making noise.

4. We don’t spend enough money. 

I don’t give a damn about your rationale on how you don’t have to spend money to win. Unless your team is VERY lucky with grooming minor leaguers into stars, you cannot consistently contend in baseball without pulling out the check book. This current Indians team is just not good enough with the talent that they have. And despite SI and all the other hype from the off season, most fans already knew this.

Additionally, the Indians have had many great players go through our system and thrive in the big leagues only to be either traded or let go of because they actually needed to get paid. This has been the most frustrating part of growing up with the Tribe.

5. Detroit and Kansas City.

Our division is stacked. KC is the perfect example of a team built from the minor leagues. Detroit, the polar opposite in spending to win. In all facets of the game, both of these team are more talented and better equipped than the Indians. It’s highly unlikely that we’d compete for the division, and we’d have to fend against the rest of the AL for the one remaining Wild Card spot. The playoffs were highly unlikely from day one.

6. Indians apologists. 

These are the kind of fans that think they’re so great for always defending the Tribe, even at their lowest point. If this is you, I’m sorry. I do not think you are a bad person at all, and I respect and envy your ability to be so positive. With that out of the way, you guys almost make me want to root against the Indians just so I can be proven right about how this team isn’t going anywhere. Sorry, but making assumptions about mediocre players isn’t going to win us the pennant.

7. This isn’t the 90’s.

Currently, there is very little hope. Little to no magic at Progressive Field.

8. Negative stigmas.

The Indians front office has always been targeted for not spending enough money. And each year, our team falls a certain degree short of winning the division. Despite that, there have been very few changes to ownership or the front office for as long as I can remember. These people can’t put together a championship team, yet we’ve rode their leadership for years. Where’s the logic in that?

9. The Dolans.

This kind of goes along with #8. Our owners don’t like to spend a lot of money. The talent out on the field is just never good enough to win it all. The goal isn’t to be over .500. The goal isn’t to win the division. The goal isn’t to make it the the World Series. The goal is to win the whole damn thing. Our owners love settling for mediocrity. I don’t.

10. ESPN ScoreCenter 

It takes two seconds to check the score of the game, the statistics and basically everything that is going on without actually watching the game. While doing this for the Browns and Cavs is nearly impossible to digest, you can easily follow the Tribe without watching the actual game.

A few weeks ago, I was texting in a group message with my pals, all avid Indians fans. I said, “Guys, the Indians aren’t going to be good for 4-5 years.” And honestly, I took a lot of heat for saying that. But if you think about it, if some Cleveland kid in 1949 said that the Indians weren’t going to win a World Series for a least 65+ years, all his friends would call him stupid, too.

The truth of the matter is, year in and year out this team fails to produce a championship-caliber team. Rooting for mediocrity gets really old, really fast.

Damn it, all we want is a true winner.

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