Why I’m Not Surprised by the Vince McMahon Allegations, A Retired Wrestler’s Perspective


​On 01/25/24 Vincent Kennedy McMahon had a civil lawsuit filed against him by a former WWE employee Janel Grant. These recent allegations have been made against the most successful professional wrestling promoter in history. Her allegations include but are not limited to sexual assault and human trafficking. The details are just as nauseating as one would think.

​Ms. Grant alleges that Vince McMahon emotionally manipulated her to commit sex acts against her will. She claims that he knew her financial situation and he knew that she was vulnerable. Without getting too vulgar, he made her not only have sex with him. He made her participate in threesome orgies with other employees of the WWE and use sex toys named after WWE wrestlers. There are other details of explicit nude photos of Ms. Grant being circulated and distributed throughout the company by Mr. McMahon himself. The sex trafficking allegation comes from Mr. McMahon forcing her to cross state lines to participate in these sex acts against her will. That is a violation of the Mann Act if proven to be true and factual in a court of law. Ms. Grant and her attorney have shown evidence supporting her claims. A statement through an attorney of a WWE employee appears to have validated the allegations as well.

John Laurinaitis head of WWE talent relations at the time of the allegations, released a statement last week through his attorney. He was one of the WWE employees accused of participating in the forced threesome orgies and forced one on one encounters with Ms. Grant. In the statement he claimed to be a victim as well. The statement did deny the allegations. However, how can you claim victimhood of something that you deny happened? In an indirect way, Laurinaitis’s attorney validated Ms. Grants allegations. The whole situation is disturbing. As a retired wrestler, I know and understand the dark side of the professional wrestling business all too well.​

In 1993 I started training as a professional wrestler in Marion Ohio. I was 19 years old at that time. I was also naive to businesses seedy underbelly. As a young athletic wrestler, I was approached for private promotional photo shoots and auditions to be an exotic dancer. These encounters were by people claiming to help me make money. Thankfully I had enough common sense to not take the bait and I listened to my trainer to avoid them. From 1996-2000 I wrestled for WWE then called WWF on a regular basis. Also, at that time I wrestled for the original ECW. I did retire from wrestling in 2015. During some of my time as a young wrestler, I wasn’t exactly a beacon of virtue or a choir boy. But I never made anyone do anything they didn’t want to do. Today I am a husband and a father of two daughters which is why I am so disturbed by what Vince McMahon did. In my 22 years in wrestling never once was I accused of acting inappropriately with female employees at any promotion where I wrestled. This is because I never did anything close to being inappropriate.

​During my time at the WWF/WWE, I never dealt with Vince McMahon directly. He may have spoken one sentence to me in 4 years. I usually dealt with the road agents directly. I will say that whenever Vince McMahon walked into the room, he commanded respect in the room. Everyone immediately sat up straight and stayed on their toes. He was the most powerful man in the wrestling business, and he knew it.
​For forty years Vince McMahon single handedly turned professional wrestling into sports entertainment. He invaded regional wrestling territories and put out of business mom and pop wrestling companies. Since the 1980’s he was solely responsible for the over scripted and choreographed version of wrestling on television today. The saddest part of the allegations is that Vince McMahon is a father and grandfather. He didn’t take any of that into account for what he was doing. Vince McMahon is also a billionaire; one would think with that kind of money he could have bought himself an ounce of class. With evidence and facts presented by Ms. Grant and her attorney that certainly wasn’t the case.

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