Why I Don’t Want LeBron Back


Why I Don’t Want LeBron Back:

By Rick Giavonette – @CST_RickG

LeBron James is hands down, the greatest basketball talent in the world today. LBJ is an absolute freak of nature physically. He is 6’8 and 250lbs and he can jump out of the arena. He is a 2x NBA champion, 2x Finals MVP, 4X League MVP, and a 10x All Star. His list of accomplishments can go on forever. As I write this article, LeBron is chasing his third title in three seasons. He is no doubt the greatest basketball player of this generation. The one thing LeBron is not is Michael Jordan.

Ever since LeBron was a rookie, the comparisons to Jordon have not stopped. This increased even more in recent years as LBJ has won 2 NBA titles. The knock on LeBron for years was that he didn’t have the “heart of a champion”. The only thing LeBron was consistent at was losing big games. I would bet to this day, LeBron has nightmares about the Paul Pierce led Boston Celtics. I also wonder if it is weird for LeBron to be teammates with Rashard Lewis, who in the 2009 playoffs, had 15 three pointers in the series where the Magic beat the Cavs in six games.

In the last 2 years LeBron has shaking off his critics and “haters” by winning back to back titles. However, the LeBron hate still runs deep with a lot of people. Look at Game 1 of this year’s NBA Finals. In the 4th quarter of a close game, LBJ had to leave the game with cramps. The second that clock hit zero, and the Heat officially lost, the LBJ haters went wild. There was an immediate frenzy of fans, sports writers, and NBA talent, debating LeBron’s toughness. By mid-day on Friday, I had to turn off my radio. All anyone could talk about was LeBron. He is so polarizing that the debate is black or white. No one rides the middle and defends LeBron, while bashing him on the side. Everyone either loves or hates Lebron.

Now, back to the topic I started with. Personally, I don’t like Lebron James. Now let us get one thing clear, I was an anti-LeBron guy before “The Decision”. I rooted for the Cavs, and I wanted them to win a title, but I knew Lebron would not get it done in Cleveland. My issue with LBJ is that I never felt the way I did with him as I did with Michael. I was born in 1986, so my formative years were spent watching Jordan and the 90’s Bulls dominate the NBA. I remember watching Jordan’s “shot” Vs. the Jazz to win their 6th title in 8 years. I knew, even as a 12yr old boy, that Jordan was a closer. Everyone knew Jordan was going to take the big shot and everyone knew how clutch he was. It was an indescribable feeling to watch Jordan win a game.

On the other hand, when I watch LBJ, even to this day, I don’t feel that way. LeBron actually makes me nervous when the game is on the line. There was a period of time where LBJ would pass with the game on the line and it seemed like he was afraid to shoot. The only “clutch” shot I remember LeBron making was in the 09’ playoffs Vs. the Magic. LeBron hit a three at the buzzer. My problem with this shot, was Lebron’s face after he hit the shot. He was the most surprised person in the arena after that shot went in. You could see in his celebration, it was almost as though that shot cleansed him of all the misses and failures of the past. The celebration seemed over the top, LeBron celebrated like it was a full court prayer to win the NBA title. LeBron’s celebration showed his lack of confidence. He didn’t win a series with that shot and he didn’t win a title, all he won was a playoff game.

I will admit we live in a digital age where it is easier than ever to bash an athlete. The access to social media gives any and every one a platform to state their opinions. LeBron has received an overwhelming amount of attention whether it is negative or positive. In my opinion, LBJ deserves every last word spoken or typed about him, good, bad and indifferent. This is a man who had a TV special on ESPN about where he was taking his talents. Then they had, in a sense, a rock concert celebrating the unification of 3 superstars. During this spectacle LeBron said he was going to win; “not three, not four, not five, not six, not seven,” but eight titles with the Heat.

So when an athlete makes a statement that bold, he deserves every single word written or spoken about him. LeBron, the self-proclaimed “king” set the bar at 8 titles and the media wonders why LeBron gets slaughtered by critics for leaving a game with a cramp of all things. Could you imagine Magic, Bird, Wilt, Jordan, or Kobe making such ridiculous claims of winning eight titles? No, you can’t imagine because it never happened. Those NBA Hall of Famers went out and won without needing the attention and baggage that LeBron carries. What happens if the Heat lose to the Spurs in the finals? Are 2 out of 4 titles enough to back up Lebron’s proclamation? I don’ think so.

What happens if LeBron opts out of his contract and he signs with a new team? All his talk of eight titles will be meaningless. He will just be another guy writing checks his body can’t cash. I don’t want Lebron back in Cleveland because it will be a circus. That would be like dating a supermodel, then she dumps you, and you ask for her to come back. I’ve moved on. I don’t want LeBron and his half empty promises. I want a team and a new girlfriend. I want the Cavs to leave their basement of sadness and to reenter the world, without talk of getting LeBron back. We shouldn’t want him back. We should try and build a franchise that is built around multiple pieces, and not the hopes of the self-proclaimed king.

Written By Rick Giavonette

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