Why Have the Indians Been so Dominant?

Updated: September 7, 2017

Wow, oh wow. The Cleveland Indians have been truly dominant this month. They are just three games back from the team out in Houston from being the number one club in the American League. As of the night of September 6th, the Indians are currently cruising with a record of 83-56. Meanwhile, the Astros have just acquired veteran pitcher Justin Verlander to help assist in their own World Series run.

But back to our Tribe…

How have they been so dominant recently? Well, I guess I can spend a few minutes of my day to explain. Hopefully, no rain delays are in the forecast…

To start off, can we please applaud the Indians’ front office for doing things this season? Between signing Edwin and now get BRUUUUUCE, they have done a very impressive job this season in general. The two compliment each other very well. But our offense has been HOT, led by the greatest himself, Jose Ramirez. The man just won himself AL Player of the Week. After streaking .538/.556/1.308 with four home runs and six RBI over six games, Jose became the only American Leaguer to win two Player of the Week honors this season. Something other AL MVP candidates haven’t done this season (wink, wink). When they reached their 11-game winning streak, Cleveland was outscoring their opponents by 61 runs, 61… So long they keep this up, reaching the World Series will be accomplished by sweeping every AL opponent!

And once again, our pitching staff is outclassing other teams. It is getting ridiculous. Kluber, Cookie, Danny, Clev, Bauer and Tomlin?? That’s one JUICY staff to throw out onto the mound every night. Since coming back from the DL on June 1st, Corey Kluber has led the league in ERA (1.85), also first in Ks (181) and again first in WHIP (0.76). The man was named the American League Pitcher of the Month for August, while Bauer also received votes for the same honor. Bauer leads the team with wins and also wins the most badass pitcher award of all-time due to his actions with the White Sox’ Avisail Garcia, LOL. The bullpen has continued to dominate and when ace Andrew Miller returns, it will be even greater. As long as key players stay healthy, the Indians will continue to have the most dominating pitching staff in baseball.

This past month or so has been extremely fun to watch. We are the first team to have back-to-back seasons of 13 or more winning streak since the 1960-61 Yankees (via Elias Sports Bureau). The Tribe is hitting full stride at the perfect time as October will be soon upon us. Barring All-Star Brantley’s injury, they still continue to destroy opposing teams; it’s truly special to watch. As their winning streak reaches 14, we look to lock up a postseason spot as our magic number is now 13! First place for the whole American League is nearly in reach, only 2.5 games out of touch. So long we rest our guys as needed to avoid injury, this team seems as if it will finally go the distance and Cleveland might soon be the City of Champions once again.

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