Why “Don’t take 2019 as a ‘Win or Die’ type of season” is a Bunch of Bologna

Cleveland fans love our Browns. I could throw any number at the book, any one of gazillions of pieces of anecdotal evidence, however you would like it. Cleveland is a football city above all else. So when the Browns seemed to have finally found their QB last year, traded for one of the best wide receivers in football over the offseason and combined that with an elite defense, fans began to dream and dream big. Playoffs? Perfectly reasonable and probably the expectation. Super Bowl?!?! Well, talent-wise, maybe!

Recently, CST’s owner and operator Zach Shafron published an article where he encourages and advocates for patience, saying that – “don’t take 2019 as a win or die type of season.”

That’s completely bogus.

No, we are not going to fill the streets and riot, like we did when the team went 0-16 if they fail to make the playoffs. But if the team just goes 7-9 and gets flattened by Baltimore, Pittsburgh and/or even Cincinnati for a bajillionth straight season, there’s going to be hell to pay.

Seriously, how could this Browns team not at least make the playoffs? The talent level is undeniable.

Yet, there is a bubbling amount of uncertainty after a lukewarm, at best, two opening weeks of the season. In both weeks, the playcalling has been unimaginative and predictable. Baker has been showing signs of a sophomore slump. Injuries are starting to really affect the team. The schedule is extremely brutal for the next month and a half. And don’t even get me started on the horrendous quantity of penalties, showing a concerning lack of discipline thus far.

This is not a win or die year, in the sense that we need to riot if the team doesn’t win the Super Bowl. But definitely be concerned if the team doesn’t at least make the playoffs.

If a repeat performance of Week 1 occurs against the Rams in Week 3, then all of this stuff will come to fruition.

If, like me and every other actual Browns fan on the planet, you’ve grown to heavily detest “we’ll get them next season!” then you will definitely agree with the points made here.

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