February 27, 2024

Why Deshaun Watson is Scheduled For a Bounce-Back Year


Deshaun Watson had a lackluster year in the 22-23 season, but that was to be expected.

Deshaun Watson has the weapons at his disposal to become a great QB. Amari, DPJ, Njoku, Moore, Tillman, Chubb and people like that are all ready to make Deshaun have the best year of his career. Amari is a seasoned veteran who has had plenty of 1000-yard seasons, DPJ has had a significant spark with Watson, Njoku said he wanted to become the next “Kelce and Mahomes” with Watson, Moore has had some clear connection with Watson from what we have seen from OTA’s, Tillman is young and has time to connect with Watson in the next two years and Chubb is a great and reliable back to take some pressure off the passing.

Watson had clear success in the past few years, leading the entire NFL in passing yards. Also, don’t forget Watson has five more studs than he did back in his Houston time. Watson is still very young and even if Amari departs next year we still have plenty of very young weapons to grow around Watson. If Watson is capable of having the statlines he had in Houston again but if he does it here, he should do it with ease.

Don’t forget the Browns Defense is also incredible. Myles Garrett, Za’Darius Smith, Denzel Ward and people like that are on that side. Having a good defense is very important since it takes a little pressure off the offense to score every drive. The defense here is also 5x better than the defense they had in Houston, which is very nice. Even if we aren’t talking about the starters, the rest of the starters are no scrubs. The entire defense is very filled out and there isn’t an area I would like to replace.

The offensive line is also one of the best in the league, so he has that going for him too. With some great players on the line and some solid backups, the offensive line is great. It’s way better than what Watson had in Houston and he still thrived there. Even if a starter or two goes down in the line, the backups also are decent and can keep the hole full until they come back. According to PFF, the Browns have the second-best line in the entire league. All that needs to happen for them to stay healthy. If that can happen this line will be one of the best possible.

There are so many things going for Watson and only if something catastrophic happens Watson should have a much better year.

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