Why Derrick Rose Will Absolutely Thrive in Cleveland

Updated: July 25, 2017

We all have made fun of Derrick Rose since his first injury in the 2012 playoffs against the Philadelphia 76ers. But now that he’s in Cleveland, I took a serious look at how Rose can contribute for the team.

Derrick Rose has had his fair share of injuries in the past couple years but that’s been due to the fact that he has logged his fair share of minutes for the Chicago Bulls. His ex-coach Tom Thibodeau was criticized for running his players into the ground. Players like Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler and Rose suffered from this and were absolutely torn apart. Rose has also been given minutes considering he has started on both the Knicks and Bulls. Rose averaged 35 minutes a game with the Bulls and averaged 32.5 minutes per game for the Knicks last season.

With Rose definitely receiving less minutes in Cleveland, there is obviously less of a chance for him to be injured. This is totally dependent on the Cavs keeping Kyrie Irving or acquiring someone like Eric Bledsoe that would start in front of Rose. Either way, expect Rose to have his minutes cut into by someone else at the position, possibly Jose Calderon.

Rose also hasn’t played with many great teammates; he obviously hasn’t played with anyone that makes him better. He could easily benefit from playing with LeBron James. Returning from an ACL injury makes a player learn to shot the ball. Rose has had a steady incline for his shooting from the field since he missed the 2012-2013 season, starting at 35% from the field and ending last season with a 47%. Rose also played his most minutes per game since his injury with 32.5 a game.

Rose had his best free throws attempted since his injury, which shows he’s been attacking the rim again and he’s aggressive. But Rose doesn’t have to create for the team because we have players on the team that can fill that role and allow Rose to play more on the ground and not have to be a high flyer on the team.

Now if Kyrie stays, Rose instantly becomes the best back-up in the NBA at the point guard position. Rose will absolutely thrive if given the chance to come off the bench and play even less minutes. Although for Rose to make his biggest impact, he will have to start.

The only problem we may have is the brain injury that Rose suffered when he signed with the Knicks; Rose had stated that they were a super team.

Derrick Rose may be injury prone and he might suffer an injury during this season but expect the severe and serious injuries to not be there for Rose.

Expect Rose to THRIVE in Cleveland.


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