Why Browns QB Deshaun Watson Will Be Okay and Make It Through The Allegations


New Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson is facing allegations from 22 females who have accused him of sexual assault. Out of these 22 women, only a few have come out and discussed their stories about what happened between them and Watson. HBO released a special on two of the females who have spoken out about Watson’s allegations. Even though these allegations could become consequences for Watson if true, I will be displaying some reasons as to why the new Cleveland Browns QB will be okay and make it through all of these allegations.


1. Watson Has Denied All Allegations

Now obviously anyone would deny an allegations or allegations being held on them, but Watson has been clear, sincere, and calm during all of his press conferences since being introduced as the next QB for the Cleveland Browns. Even more so, Watson sat out last season (2021) not because of allegations but because of not wanting to play for the Houston Texans. With Watson also denying these allegations, 22 different allegations seem to be a lot to really be believable.

2. Watson Already Has Great Team Chemistry With Cleveland

With the short time Watson has been in Cleveland so far, he has already created great team chemistry with his new teammates. Watson took the entire Browns offense on a trip to the Bahamas to give the teammates bonding time. He has also bought gifts, like a Rolex for example, for some teammates as well. Suspension or not, Watson is creating great team chemistry with his new offense, and they will be ready to go out there and protect him during games.

3. Former Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger Only Suspended Four Games

Back in 2010, formers Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger was suspended for only 4 regular season games after having two sexual allegations that he happened to be guilty of. There has been no evidence on Watson being guilty of these allegations as of right now. Even if Watson is guilty with only a few females speaking out, I do not see Watson getting a full season suspension.

Overall, this is a sticky situation for Watson and the Cleveland Browns, but there is hope that Watson does not get suspended or if suspended, only for a few games. We will see what new information the Cleveland Browns and the NFL have with this Watson case. Until then, stay positive Cleveland! Go Browns!!!


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