February 27, 2024

Why a DeAndre Hopkins-Led Offense Wouldn’t Make Sense


So DeAndre Hopkins was released a while ago and the Browns were a bit in the running. People still want him here, but I just don’t see him coming.

This team’s core is already stacked, so adding someone like that isn’t going to make much sense. The signing would put people like Tillman all the way down to the fifth spot, so he would barely get any snaps. Amari would stay the one, Hopkins would be two, Moore and DPJ would fight for the three and four and then Tillman would be the five.

I think there just isn’t room for Hopkins to be in the core. Now if the Browns didn’t trade for Moore from the Jets, I think the Browns would be trying to get him more than they are now. There have been multiple reports that he is requesting Odell Beckham Jr. money (1 yr. $15 million all guaranteed), which is too much for most teams. We do have the cap room for a contract like that. Now Hopkins is old, he is getting hurt a lot and missing games and is clearly getting slower. 

Hopkins’ stats last year was through only nine games due to injury and he racked up 717 yards and only three touchdowns. Of course, he wasn’t playing with a very good QB and he would do better with someone like Mahomes or Allen – but still.

The stats aren’t there anymore and the injury concern is something to be taken into consideration. If Hopkins managed to play all 17 games, I would even be fine with something like 14 and got at least 1000 yards. I wouldn’t be making this article if that was true. But the Browns had other plans and I think those plans were a better idea.

Moore is much younger and is very quick and has great hands. His stats may not be as impressive, but he had to catch balls from Mike White and Zach Wilson. I think keeping Tillman in the four is also a good idea since he will still get some snaps and can also be pulled up into the three for certain plays. 

Overall, this signing wouldn’t be something we would want. If we only signed Hopkins to a year-long contract, then we would lose Amari, Hopkins and DPJ the next year. This core is way too stacked and the core would be too full. I never would have been expecting myself to say our core is too full, but here we are.

Of course, the Hopkins and Watson connection is a big reason people want him to come here and I understand. They went off in Houston, but remember Hopkins was three-four years younger and Watson was playing like a top three QB. But taking all things into consideration, this signing just wouldn’t make sense. Just because these players have a past together isn’t enough to bring them here. The money, age, stats and things like that also need to be taken to make sure this signing would be logical. Don’t get me wrong, this signing would be awesome if it happened.

But sadly, I just don’t see this going down.

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