Why 2014 Was The Worst Browns Season Of The Last 15 Years


The following are the ramblings of a feverish, angry, and bitter Browns fan, whose level of intelligence has been manipulated for the worse by using and reading Twitter.

You have been warned:

This has been the worst season for the Browns in the last 15 years. Worse than 1999, worse than multiple years of 5-11, and worse than losing to the Steelers in the 2002 Playoffs. This season has actually set the franchise back. In what started off so optimistic, as every season does, the Browns front office started screwing this up back in April, when they traded down in the 1st round to draft Justin Gilbert. Sure, we may have added a second 1st round pick in 2015, but in doing so we passed up on multiple explosive offensive weapons. (Sammy Watkins and Mike Evans)

To make matters worse, at #22 the Browns drafted, the undersized, uncontrollable, party animal that is Johnny Manziel. The Browns hype machine was in full effect, and I won’t lie, I threw away all of my concerns and joined the happy train. I even ignored all of the signs AFTER we drafted Manziel. The money phone, the rolled up 20 in a club bathroom, (don’t lie to yourself anymore, Johnny was snorting rails of drugs) the reports of Johnny never having a playbook in college…..I ignored it all, just so I could be happy. Boy was that selfish, not unlike Mr. Manziel and another young and troubled Browns superstar Josh Gordon.


How freaking hard is that to understand. You will get paid lots of money to not smoke pot for a few years. You Idiot.

Even with these 2 giant distractions on the team, the Browns had managed to get to 7-4 at one point this season. They were finally on the doorstep of the playoffs and they were playing well inside of the division. Then, Mike Pettine and his staff lost complete control of their team. The inmates had taken over the asylum and this pathetic excuse for an organization finished the season at 7-9, and again below .500. Kyle Shanahan’s offensive game plans became worse each week, and the performance of his QB’s were abysmal. I don’t even care who it was, they were both dreadful the 2nd half of the season.

Hey Kyle, who is your running back this week? West? Crowell? Tate? Can you make a choice? Oh ok, let’s just change it every game and hopefully that will build some consistency with the run game.

If I was in charge of the Browns, I would fire Kyle Shanahan first.

Then there are those of you out there who blame the injuries to this team, and I will give you credit, that is a reasonable excuse. I mean look at the Raven’s, they have played 9 different people at corner this season due to injuries, and they didn’t make the…..wait, the Raven’s did make the playoffs. Does this mean it’s possible to overcome injuries and still make the playoffs?

Now, I know what all of you blind supporters of the Browns will say, “The Browns lost a center, and that is a position that is impossible to replace and is much different than the Ravens losing a few corners.”  Let’s take a look at the Denver Broncos. Currently, their starting Center and his backup are alternating spots on the bench due to injuries. Yet, somehow, that Broncos are 12-4 with a 1st round bye in the playoffs. So much for your argument about centers.

The bottom line is that the Browns and Pettine lost control of this team. No one was held accountable for their actions and the team quit on Pettine. There is no other reason a team starts 7-4 and then ends 7-9. Especially when there were very winnable games that were lost down the stretch. On top of all of this, the Browns still DO NOT have a PROVEN QB to lead this team into the future. Another wasted year.

In my opinion, Pettine isn’t the right guy and he should be fired also.

So, the Browns have 2 first round picks next year, along with Manziel and Gordon as trade bait. I say we trade both 1st round picks in 2015, a 1st round pick in 2016 and 2017, along with Manziel and Gordon to the Tampa Bay Bucs for the overall #1 pick in the 2015 NFL draft. At the #1 spot the Browns should select Marcus Mariota to be the QB of the future.

I also heard this morning that Rex Ryan is available after he was fired from the Jets. The Browns should be calling him.

What about Jay Cutler, lets call him also.

Phew, I am feeling feverish, I should probably lie down. I need to save my energy, I have to write an article later today as to why this Browns season wasn’t so bad, and there is a good foundation set the future.

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