Who’s Winning ‘The Larry’?

“The Larry” Award Winners:

   Iman Shumpert

For his elevated performance in the 2016-17 season!  1/30/17






LeBron James 

For his fadeaway bank three to send a game to OT 2/7/17






Cavs Roster Sans LeBron

For beating the Wizards in overtime when LeBron fouled out 2/7/17




Sashi Brown 



For his free agent acquisitions to the offensive line 3/16/17




Jimmy Haslam 

For trusting his staff during the draft 5/4/17






JR Smith 

For his amazing gesture on Mother’s Day  5/16/17







The 2016/17 Cleveland Cavaliers

For a great season and amazing effort until the very end 6/13/17






Austin Jackson

For him amazing catch in Boston 8/1/1