March 3, 2024

Who Will Be the Browns’ Opponent in the Wild Card Game?


What makes a team resilient? What makes a team successful? Having great players? The great coaching staff? Great team personnel? It can be all of those. However, for the Browns, it’s been mostly about team chemistry and leadership. The Cleveland Browns have had a successful winning season because they have great players on defense and leadership. The Browns are going back to the playoffs. Who will be their potential matchup? The Jacksonville Jaguars? Indianapolis Colts? Houston Texans?

The Jaguars, Colts, and Texans are all 8-7, and only one of those teams can win the AFC South crown. The winner will face the Cleveland Browns.

A Browns (10-5) and Jaguars (8-7) wild-card matchup is intriguing. Both teams have suffered many losses and a lot of bad times. Just ask the Detroit Lions. This is one of those NFL seasons where a once lousy team is making noise about a playoff run. As good as this matchup will be for the postseason, it won’t feel as fully satisfying because both teams won’t be at full strength. No Deshaun Watson, no Nick Chubb. Myles Garrett, Kareem Hunt and Amari Cooper are a little banged up but not done for the season. On the Jaguars side, no Trevor Lawrence.

Browns are unfortunate to have veteran quarterback Joe Flacco. He’s a Super Bowl champion and has a lot of playoff experience. What better guy would you have on your team for that position besides Deshaun Watson? Flacco has an impeccable arm strength. He just needs to avoid getting into a slow start. You can’t have that in the postseason.

Whoever the Browns face in the wild-card round, they need to be ready and hopefully, they can be ready to go because these injuries can ruin a great chance for a playoff run. Joe Flacco needs to lead this offense and reignite half of the magic like he did in 2012 if the Browns want to shock the world.

The Browns will play the New York Jets on Thursday night at home. 


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