February 19, 2024

Training camp has been going for a little while now but there are some players that need to play their best. When the roster is cut down to 53 for the start of the season many players will be ultimately cut. These fringe players who are maybe the 54 spot to 65 spot are fighting as hard as possible to make that final cut. Here are a few players who are fighting for a spot in the 53-man roster this year.

The first one is clearly going to be Anthony Schwartz, WR. Schwartz has been having mediocre seasons for a while now and has been in cut talks for a while now. The Browns also may have TOO many wide receivers in the group and so someone who hasn’t been very good like Schwartz will be on the chopping block. He’ll have to have some sort of miracle really to manage to make the team. Like I said people were throwing out him getting cut last year so it is clear fans aren’t exactly excited about him.

A.J. Green III is another player who may be falling out of the team soon. He has been a solid depth piece but it is very unlikely he makes a starting role with Denzel, Newsome and Emerson taking those. He only recorded his second pick last year and it was a tipped ball and so it wasn’t exactly a fair pick anyway. Green also is competing with Cameron Mitchell for the backup role, the rookie out of Northwestern drafted this year. Green has only started two games over 31 games in his first three years, definitely not what he would like. The Browns may have to cut multiple CBs to fit the restrictions and Green may be on the wrong side.

Nick Harris is someone who is certainly fighting for a roster spot here in 2023. A rough knee injury landed him on the IR and he didn’t play anymore. Ethan Pocic came up and played incredibly in his place, earning himself a place in the top seven according to PFF. With a major contract coming Pocic’s way, Harris has found himself in a tough spot. To make everything worse, draftee Luke Wyper from this year’s draft has been described as a “steal” and “NFL-Ready.”

Training camp is a tough place and is where some careers come to an end. Young players play, fail, and may never play another snap. But some players excel, explode and become incredible starters for the next 10 years. Roster spots are very limited and players need to be great to earn one. We never want to see a player lose his spot, but it’s the way sports go. 

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