Who does Brad Miller think he is?

After being designated for assignment on Sunday Brad Miller said, “Obviously, they don’t want the best guys up here. So I’m just trying to take it somewhere else and see what we’ve got.”

Brad….they don’t want their best players up here?! If anyone besides Brad Miller and maybe his own family thinks he is one of the best 25 players on any Major League Roster, THEY HAVE LOST THEIR MIND.

Now, in all fairness, is he better than Eric Stamets or Max Moroff who are still on the active roster?

Yes, absolutely.

But Jason Kipnis is activated, Frankie Lindor is on his way back and those guys are on their way out.

Let us not forget who Brad Miller has been throughout his career and who he was before heating up in an admittedly small sample size so far this season. Miller’s career high average is .258 and that was in 2015. He is a career .240 hitter who averages 140 strikeouts and just 56 walks per year.

While Miller got off to a decent start this season in 15 games and was one of the few bright spots on an Indians offense that is greatly struggling, he is by no means an everyday starter on this team. Never in my life did I think I would be happy to see Jason Kipnis back on the field, but that’s what the Indians have done to me this season. Kipnis, by the way, got a RBI single in his first AB of the year last night.

Frankie Lindor went out on a rehab assignment Sunday and should be back by this weekend/next week. Hopefully, the return of Kipnis and Lindor up the middle and a heating up Jose Ramirez will provide more than enough offense to make up for Brad Miller.

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