Whining Still Isn’t Attractive, Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Faithful

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The above screenshot is a quote from University of Michigan head coach, Jim Harbaugh via Twitter. The subject matter at hand was SEC coaches not exactly taking a liking to his strategy of hosting satellite camps in various SEC dominated states, therefore voicing their opinion. Coach Harbaugh fired back with this. To answer your question, Jim; whining is most definitely not attractive. So, stop doing it yourself.

Following Saturday’s epic conclusion to ‘The Game,’ Jim Harbaugh used that whiny little voice yet again to criticize the officials for what he thought was poor officiating. “I’m bitterly disappointed in the officiating. Can’t make that any more clear,” said the second-year U of M coach, who just lost to Ohio State for a second time in as many years. I get it, some calls were close and could have easily gone either way. But, as the leader of young men, show some class when you lose and don’t complain like a little kid who couldn’t the toy he wanted at Target.

This wasn’t the first time Mr. Harbaugh has publicly blasted officiating following a loss in a big game. Back in his NFL days with the San Francisco 49ers, Jim whined about a no call pass interference late in Super Bowl XLVII. Maybe this guy just can’t handle losing. Even though it is something he should be used to doing in big games.


We all saw the most controversial call in the second overtime, when Buckeyes quarterback, J.T. Barrett just barely picked up a huge first down on fourth and one. Curtis Samuel scored the game-winning touchdown on the very next play. “It wasn’t a first down,” cried the skipper. Newsflash, yes it was. He didn’t stop his obnoxious rant there. He then proclaimed that there were many other instances in which the officials favored the Scarlet and Gray. “The [pass] interference penalties, the one not called [for] us on Grant Perry, clearly was being hooked before the ball got there. And the previous penalty, they called on Delano Hill, the ball’s uncatchable and by the receiver.” Now, he actually has a case on the no call where Perry was hooked by a Buckeye defender early in the game. That’s the only comment he made that actually held some weight.

Michigan was flagged seven times for 59-yards. Ohio State was penalized just twice for six yards. Maybe play more disciplined football next time. Just a thought.

“They could have been watching the game [rather than being concerned] that you throw a hat, you throw your script toward your sideline”. That comment was gem. Especially considering Harbaugh is constantly running halfway onto the field, throwing his headset, his hat, his play script and whatever else he can get his hands on, all in attempt to get an official’s attention and complain about something. Finally, he was flagged for that and it cost his team giving up an easy touchdown late in the game. I guess in his eyes, fumbling the ball away at your opponent’s two yard line, throwing a pick six and throwing another interception that resulted in a Buckeye touchdown, had no bearing on the game’s outcome.

His attitude has clearly rubbed off on his players as well. “Heisman candidate” Jabrill Peppers showed what a poor sport he is after the game when he inexplicably shoved a fan walking off the field as students rushed the field in celebration.

But hey, I would be mad too if I just lost to my arch rival yet again after talking smack all week and all game long. Peppers virtually did nothing to help his team’s cause. He did finally make his first-career interception. It only took two years. Then, multiple players took to social media to complain some more. What’s the old saying by Paul Brown? “When you win, say nothing. When you lose, say less.” Clearly, this team was never taught that.

It is such a shame that all of the post-game complaining, whining and crying about everything imaginable, took away from what was possibly the best game ever played in this historic rivalry. After all, this was the first time that these teams needed an extra period to decide a winner. And it took two overtimes.

I had a level of respect for ‘The Team Up North’ my entire life of being a die-hard Buckeyes fan, as I was always taught to respect my enemy. I can now say that I have lost all respect for the program and university. Even Urban Meyer praised coach Harbaugh and his players following the game because that is what leaders and role models do.

Unfortunately, we live in a time where sore losers are everywhere. Even the fans of TTUN were all over social media saying how they were “hosed,” “the game was fixed,” you name it.

They cried it.

Next time, play better, play smarter, play harder and maybe you will win and won’t have anything to complain about. TTUN couldn’t even beat the Buckeyes on one of our worst days when they led by 10.

Let that sink in.

Jim Harbaugh and company, you can pick up your participation trophy tomorrow. You really deserve it.




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