It was funny, this trade. I was working out at the gym and in the middle of my set, I got a text saying that the Browns traded for Odell. I never finished a set quicker or with poorer form in my life before I hopped onto the Twitter-verse to see that it wasn’t a cruel joke, but reality. My jaw dropped for a good 60 seconds as I put my hand on my face in disbelief. I didn’t even know what to do other than partake in some intense whisper-yelling and start pumping my fists in a workout room with about four other people. After sitting there for a while deciding to prioritize excitement over physical fitness, the guy next to me tapped me on the shoulder and I removed my headphones to hear the words:

“Did you see the Odell trade?”

My eyes and face immediately lit up, as now I didn’t have to struggle to contain my excitement any longer. I had someone with whom I could share this wonderful moment., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

“I saw you pumping your fists and getting excited and then I saw the trade myself, I figured that’s what it was about.”

I spent the next few minutes talking to this fellow Clevelander about the trade, as well as our lives and where we were from. Turns out, we went to neighboring high schools and he only graduated a year after me. I attend university down near the Cincinnati area, so Cleveland fans aren’t all that uncommon. Nonetheless, to have a readily available outlet the minute this trade went down was incredibly nice.

He left the gym shortly after and then I was stuck trying to find the discipline to finish my workout instead of furiously scrolling through Twitter trying to read every single tweet I could about the trade. After it was all said and done and I went back to my apartment, I probably ended up spending about an extra 30-40 minutes or so at the gym. I came home cheering and happily mumbling to myself, to then see my roommate standing outside my door asking if I was okay. I had to explain to him, a non-sports guy, that the Browns just made one of the best franchise moves ever by getting one of the best wide receivers in the league. It was a hype that I can honestly say I haven’t felt in a long time, and definitely the most I’ve felt since LeBron came home.

DISCLAIMER: LeBron coming home was WAY better, trading for OBJ was simply the most hype I have felt since then. Relax.

I started watching the Browns back in 2007 as a 9-year old, the last time they had a winning record and their best season since then. Here we are, 12 years later, and I’m old enough to be a part of what is happening with this team. It’s beyond special. I, like many, have put up with some real tough Browns seasons over the years, and who knows, maybe we will have an awful year. We look good on paper, sure, but the season hasn’t actually happened yet. With that being said, I’m all aboard the Cleveland freight train that is about to hit the rest of the NFL.

And damn, does that feel good.

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