I’m sitting here tonight thinking about the Steelers and Ravens playoff game that kicks off just after 8 p.m. It’s become quite the rivalry, those two. An AFC North matchup of teams with great quarterbacks, defenses and respective coaching staffs that actually know what they’re doing. The playoffs are more of an expectation than a treat, a consistency not a miracle. Super Bowls have been won, earned.

And then there’s our Browns…

For the first 10 weeks of the 2014 season, it seemed like a page was turned for this franchise. Things were clicking. It wasn’t perfect but it resulted in wins. Then, the usual bullshit that is the ‘new’ Cleveland Browns’ m.o. was injected into this team to end the season. We painfully watched 5 straight ugly losses, and a 7-4 record transformed into a 7-9 final tally. Disappointed but not shocked by any means, another long offseason awaits.

Tonight, the Steelers and Ravens once again shine under the lights in a huge playoff battle. The Browns, once again an irrelevant and unstable train wreck.

I’m tired of it. Aren’t you?

I ask myself the question of, when will it be our time? As of now, it feels like never. Just another year of watching other teams battle for the coveted Super Bowl title.

Next year needs to be our time. This city and these fans deserve it. We should be playing in the playoffs, not sitting at home dwelling about another losing season.

It’s time to change into a winning football team.

-Zach Shafron

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